Removable geese processing machine. Plucker Machine Sprut 700

We offer removable geese processing machine "sprut-700".

 The Plucker Machine "Sprut 700" works on the principle of a centrifuge, the working organs of which are rubber fingers. The use of special feather fingers helps to avoid damage to the poultry skin.

Purpose: farms and small enterprises engaged in the production of different types of poultry for meat at the same time. The scoop-scraper "Sprut-700" is a universal equipment for picking chickens, ducks, goose and turkey.

Перосъемная машина спрут 700 ощип гуся и водоплавоющей птицы


 Purpose: removal of plumage, hen hen, broiler, duck, goose, turkey

 Engine: Single-phase 1.5 kW (220 V or 380 V according to the customer's request).

 Dimensions: Ш750 * Г850 * В925 mm.

 Weight: ≈ 55 kg.

 Frame: welded made of metal profile, powder coated.

 Working drum: diameter 700 mm. is made of food polypropylene gray (light colors of the material are recommended by SES and make it easy to control the degree of contamination of the equipment surface). The surface of the drum is absolutely smooth, easy to clean and does not absorb dirt. The material from which the drum and other parts of the machine is made, due to its structure, has antibacterial properties that retard the growth of a number of bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus and bacteria causing pneumonia. The material is shockproof and not subject to destruction, even with a sharp temperature drop. All equipment is certified accordingly! More about certificates >>>

 Working organs (main): innovative finger scraper fingers with the function of "sticking" the pen, specially designed for machines working under a load. These fingers allow to increase the productivity of equipment by 25%.

Operating temperature: 0 + 70 ° C.

Productivity (pcs / hour):

Chickens, chicken 350 - 400; Turkeys 110; Geese 70; Ducks 150

One-time download:

Chickens, chicken 4-6; Turkeys 1-2; Geese 1-2; Ducks 2-3

Payback period: 1 month

спрут 700 ощип гуся и водоплавоющей птицы Особенностью данной модели являются инновационные перосъемные пальцы со свойством "прилипания" пера. Применяются пальцы различной конфигурации и жесткости, расположенные в определенном порядке и последовательности. Каждый тип пальца выбирать "свой" тип пера или пуха.

Только такой алгоритм размещения перосъемных пальцев позволяет увеличить объем удаления оперения до 93%! при условии соблюдения режимов шпарки.

спрут 700 ощип гуся и водоплавоющей птицыRemote control panel with signal lamps. The device of the console allows you to place it in any convenient place for the operator. On the console are located:

- a lamp signaling the supply of power to the machine

- the lamp signaling inclusion of the engine

- rotary switch

- emergency stop switch

Price: 800 EUR.

Demonstration of the machine "Sprut-700" in processing geese

Reviews about the operation of the equipment "Sprut" can be viewed here >>>

An example of the layout of the slaughtering workshop "Sprut Technology" based on the "Sprut-700"

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